Compost Connection Driver Job Description

The Truck Driver is responsible for collection services to ensure that collected material is transported and disposed of in an appropriate and timely manner. Truck drivers will be given daily assignments and must communicate continuously throughout the day with their supervisor regarding location, assignment status and further direction.  Truck drivers are expected to assist the company with all aspects of daily assignments and understand that work loads will vary from day to day as will completion times.  It is the intent of Compost Connection’s Management Staff to have all assigned tasks to be completed within an 8 hour day but cannot always guarantee timelines due to seasonal and last minute obligations.

Full Truck Driver Job Description

Compost Connection Helper Job Description

The Helper is responsible for assisting with the operations of the truck in a safe and appropriate manner and the dumping of refuse materials into the truck.  He/she must conduct all activities according to the delivery and collection schedule and all relevant policies and procedures.  The proper disposal of waste is vital to the health and well-being of the community as a whole.

Full Helper Job Description

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