Fall Leaf Clean-up
Need more leaf bags picked up this week?

Weekly Curbside Yard Waste Collection

Enjoy the convenience of year-round yard debris pickup with our weekly yard waste collection service in Kansas City. No more hassle of dropping off your brush at a compost recycling center. We’ll pick up your brush at the curb and recycle it for you.

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Affordable and Convenient

You don't have to worry about renting a truck or making multiple trips to a compost recycling center. We provide a simple, hassle-free solution to dispose of your yard waste.


By using our one-time curbside yard waste collection service, you can be confident that your yard waste will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Expert Service

Our team of experts has been sustainably recycling yard waste since 1992, contributing to a greener community in Kansas City and a cleaner yard for you! No mess or hassle involved.

Did you know?

A once-per-year Christmas tree pickup is included in all our weekly collection plans! This means you don’t have to pay extra to have your live Christmas tree recycled each year.

front yard without rubbish and clutter

Don't let yard waste clutter up your lawn!

Our weekly curbside yard waste collection service provides an affordable and convenient solution for all your yard waste disposal needs. We guarantee expert service and environmentally friendly disposal. Purchase our weekly collection service now and enjoy a clutter-free home and backyard!

Frequently Asked Questions

We pick up any and all natural yard waste, including grass, leaves, tree limbs, flowers, garden plants, walnuts, apples, Christmas trees, and more.

We don’t pick up trash, construction material, dead animals, animal feces, fireplace ash, or lumber, though, so please don’t bag up those things with your yard waste.

To make it easy for us to pick up your yard waste, you have two options. You can use leaf and lawn paper bags, which are available at your local hardware store or on Amazon*.

Alternatively, if you have sticks and brush that don’t fit well into a bag, you can bundle them using rope or twine. Please ensure that the brush is tied into no more than 18″ x 36″ sized bundles for ease of handling.

*Link is an affiliate link. If you make a purchase through it, we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

An item is either a single leaf and lawn paper bag (available at your local hardware store or on Amazon*) OR a 18″ x 36″ bundle of brush.

Please be sure each item weighs under 50 lb so we can pick it up for you.

*Link is an affiliate link. If you make a purchase through it, we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

No worries! As a weekly pickup customer, you have the option to purchase Over Limit Stickers through our Shop. These stickers can be attached to any extra bags or bundles, even if they exceed your weekly plan allowance. Simply purchase the stickers and attach them to your extra bags or bundles. We will pick them up for you without any issues.

However, please note that the Over Limit Stickers are intended for use by customers who are on a weekly plan only. Please do not use them to recycle yard waste for other households. Our capacity is limited, and we want to ensure that we can serve our weekly plan customers to the best of our ability.

Your contract starts on the day we receive payment and continues for one year.