THE MINI, STANDARD, DELUXE AND PLASTIC programs are not available in Liberty, Independence, Kearney or Lees Summit.  Please contact us for additional details if you live in those areas.

Renewal Service – If you have your online account ID you can go direct to and renew your program there.  Direct Debit from your checking account is available as well as debit and credit cards charges.  You must have the Online ID and your program must stay the same to use this billing account.

Over Limit Stickers

If you have bags/bundles over the allotted limit per pickup for your association program or individual program, you can purchase over limit stickers here.  Apply over limit stickers to you bags and get all your yard wasted picked up for times you have a major clean up.

One Time Pickup Service

We offer one time pickups for those of you that do not need a weekly collection service but have completed a project and need to dispose of your bags.

All of our regular pickup guidelines apply to one time pickups. All items must be packaged in a paper bag or bundle. Paper lawn bags should be folded down at the top. Bags are available at your local hardware store.
Brush is bundled in bundles 18″ x 36″ and tied with rope or twine. Your bags will be collected during our normal route for your area. We have a minimum pickup charge of $25. There will be a $1.00 per item additional charge. For Example if you have 20 paper bags your cost would be $25 plus $20 for a total of $45.

Please contact us at 816-761-8300 or via email with your total number of items to be collected and to confirm your pickup day and cost for pickup. You can mail in your check, call with your credit card or complete your transaction online through our eCommerce Shop section.

Payments for Service

Mail Order by check

We offer payment via mail with a Check.  If mailing a check please include a note with your name, collection address, city, state, zip, telephone number and email address along with the program options you have selected.  You will receive a confirmation of service via return mail.

Online payments

We offer online secure payments on the Website.  If ordering service online, access our shop section to select the proper product and complete the secure transaction process.


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