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We are into the winter season and hopefully since we had a decent fall in the midwest, your yard is clean. However, many trees such as oak’s drop leaves all through winter.  Cleaning up leaves, especially in some of our more mature neighborhoods in the Kansas City area, can be quite the task.  Here are a few reasons why its important to focus on leaf clean up in and around your yard

It’s important to dispose of leaves properly after raking. Don’t rake leaves into the storm drains or dump them into a creek. When leaves and yard waste decompose in our waterways, they remove oxygen from the water. Decaying plants also release nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus into the water that promote excessive algae growth.

Fish and other aquatic life can’t survive in water with low oxygen. Excessive algae, likewise, can pose threats to human and animal health. Dumping leaves in a creek, in other words, hurts our region’s water quality.

While leaves naturally accumulate in steams and creeks, you still shouldn’t collect and dispose of leaves along creek banks. The extra leaves cover the ground and keep out the natural vegetation that helps to stabilize the creek bank. This leads to increased erosion.

After you finish raking your leaves, bag them up and contact Compost Connection to haul away you yard waste and recycle it properly.


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