City of Sugar Creek
Your yard waste pickup day is FRIDAY
(except for New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day & Thanksgiving)

Weekly Collection from March 15th thru December 15th, 2020
Christmas Tree Pickup 2nd Friday in January
**Pickup days falling on or after a Holiday will be 1 day after normal pickup day

To provide the best possible service for the collection of your yard waste, we are providing the following guidelines. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Compost Connection or Republic Services.

Route Service begins at 7:00 a.m. Please make sure all items are easily accessible from the street. If items are blocked by cars or other materials, they may not be collected.

We will be picking up 1 cart or unlimited paper bags or bundles each pickup. Please keep yard waste items separate from trash and recycling carts so they are easy to view and are not damaged by collection equipment.

Your yard waste can be placed at the curb in either paper yard waste bags or bundles that are no longer than 18” x 36” and double tied with twine. These items should weigh no more than 40 pounds each.

Maximum item weight is 40 pounds. Do not use plastic tape on paper bags since it is not biodegradable. Small cardboard boxes may be used provided they are no larger than the size and weight limits. We suggest boxes for fruits, small brush, wood or items that would easily break a bag during removal.

We only pickup natural yard waste including grass, leaves, tree limbs, flower or garden plants (without their pots), walnuts, apples, Christmas trees (6’ or less), etc. All materials collected are taken to a licensed compost facility. This recycling facility does not allow for ANY trash, landscape, or construction materials. If bags contain trash or foreign materials, they will have to be left at the curb. Any plastic inside your bag will be considered trash and not picked up. We do NOT collect animal waste. Please tie brush securely with rope or twine – not wire. Mark bundles of thorns for the driver’s safety. Christmas Trees are the only items that do not require bagging or bundling. We will accept Christmas trees up to 6’ in length, if larger please cut in half.